Dermatology Clinic in Cambodia

In November of 2009, Dr. Colbert worked with the MJP Asia and the Cambodian Health Ministry to run Cambodia's first dermatological clinic. Over the course of five days, Drs. Colbert and Malekzadeh treated a hundred patients with painful and deteriorating dermatological conditions. This experience encouraged the foundation to create a mobile dermatology clinic with three parts; one intense week of patient consultation; an educational arm with protocols for practical experience in dermatological issues, and a telemedical aspect so that we can remain in touch with clinics, and their patient concerns, from our offices in New York.  

                                                                   Dr. Malekzadeh and a young patient.

Dr. Colbert and a young patient.

Our goal is to provide dermatological care and impart knowledge to resident clinicians.

We treat patients and educate our partners on the most common dermatological issues and their remedies.

Signs alert residents that dermatological help will soon be available.

The cooperation of our local partners is invaluable.  Stephan Bognar of MJP Asia works in tandem with NYDG Foundation.

Dr. Colbert illustrating the NYDG Foundation mantra, we know that by helping an individual we make a measured difference in the lives of many.