Haiti Our Prosthesis Clinic

NYDG Foundation created awareness and raised funds to establish a prosthesis clinic for patients who suffered crush wounds in the 2010 earthquake. Since that time, more than 1,200 Haitians have been able to put their lives in front of them, by reclaiming their mobility.

Prosthetics require maintenance. Please donate to help with these ongoing needs.

Dr. Colbert met Wilfrid Macena on the eve of Wilfrid's amputation. Wilfrid suffered crush wounds in the earthquake of 2010. He was despondent that without his leg, he would lose his job, and his dignity. Dr. Colbert assured him that with a prosthetic leg, his life would be productive. Dr. Colbert then realized, that without providing the prosthesis, Wilfrid and hundreds of other Haitians who suffered limb loss might wait a long time for the help they needed. This impetus drove Dr. Colbert to create NYDG Foundation, and raise the critical awareness and funds to establish the prosthesis clinic outside Port Au Prince.

Wilfrid Macena and Dr. Colbert

Dr. Colbert in Haiti.

Paul Hogue, P.A., accompanied Dr. Colbert to Haiti.


A young girl being fitted for her prosthesis.

This young girl, now a soccer player in training.

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