Peru, Foster Care for children with HIV/AIDS

Un Dia de Esperanza is a foster home in Peru that houses young children with HIV/AIDS. These children, in addition to being without their parents, suffer with the lifetime management of HIV/AIDS and a terrible stigma of HIV/AIDS in their country. The not for profit director is a young man who worked with a child, became aware, and opened a government assisted foster home for 12 children. He and his wife provide a warm and nurturing home, in addition to their daily needs. Doctors and dentists visit on site. NYDG Foundation provides funds for psychological counseling and guidance and support for enhanced nutrition in the diets of these young children, to promote optimum wellness.


Un Dia de Esparanza houses young children with HIV/AIDS.



We became aware of the facility through one of the practice's employees.



We visited the site to see what our support could provide.



The children are well cared for, and well provided for.  They live in a society where HIV/AIDS has a huge stigma. There is not the acceptance of HIV/AIDS that we enjoy in New York, and we hope to let these children know that they can live full lives with HIV/AIDS.  NYDG Foundation provides resources for psychological support for these children. We aspire to the loftier goal,  illuminating the issues around the transmission of HIV/AIDS, and removing the stigma, to enable these children, and children like them, to live in their country with the personal and professional opportunities for success that they would enjoy here in the United States.