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In partnership with Hospital de Amor Barretos (Hospital de Câncer de Barretos) located in the state of São Paulo, and the Brazilian Department of Education of São Paulo, NYDG Foundation launches SHADE UP! Brazil, its signature skin cancer prevention program for kids to stay active and healthy under the sun.   

SHADE UP! Brazil is part of the 6th Annual São Paulo writing contest. "Skin Cancer: A look at your skin can change your life," is the theme of the 2018 contest. 379 schools are participating with the active support of 683 teachers.

Aimed at all students in grade 9 across the state of São Paulo, the objective of the contest (and SHADE UP!) is to spread knowledge, popularize science, stimulate young people to stay active and healthy outdoors, and generate practical sun safe solutions that benefit all communities across the state of São Paulo. According to data collected from the INCA (National Cancer Institute of Brazil), of the 600 000 cases of cancer diagnosed per year in Brazil, 200,000 are skin cancers. The annual cost of treating skin cancer is estimated at over 1 billion USD.


The competition was divided into local, regional and state stages. The students had until May 25 to write their essays and send them to their school management committee. The essays had to highlight the main factors that trigger skin cancer, its risk groups and the possibilities of prevention and early diagnosis. All 19,228 essays were sent to the Regional Directorates of Education for review. The Directorates then selected the best essays for a final review by our Brazilian partners at Hospital de Amor de Barretos (July 11). The essays were evaluated using the following criteria: creativity, relevance, organization, spelling and grammar. The list of finalists will be available on the Hospital de Amor and NYDG Foundation websites on August 1.


The authors of the five best essays will be awarded a 3-day internship at Hospital de Amor, where they will participate in various scientific and laboratory activities and, of course, learn about all cancers, with a special focus on skin. OH! The Grand Prize Winner and his/her teacher will each receive a laptop. The other 5 students will receive tablets.


Once all finalists complete their internship at Hospital de Amor, they will join 22 schools covering 15,000 students across Barretos, a region of São Paulo, in SHADE UP! training workshops. The 6 finalists and the 2 representatives from each of the 22 schools will be appointed as SHADE UP! Ambassadors and tasked with SHADING UP! all schools in the region. Working with the Brazilian Department of Education of São Paulo and Hospital de Amor, our grand goal is to SHADE UP! approximately 5,000 schools and 92 departments of education across the state of São Paulo.

You can help! Sponsor a SHADE UP! school in São Paulo and join our fight against skin cancer and keep kids healthy and active under the sun.  You can also host a fundraising event at your home or in your community. 100% of donations will go to the project.



Be Different and Make a Difference.

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Hospital de Amor started as a small clinic for cancer treatment in a small Brazilian town called Barretos in 1962.
The clinic was called São
 Judas. Did you know that St Jude Children’s Hospital in the USA was also established in 1962?

Today, São Judas has grown into Hospital de Amor. It receives 170,000 patients per year (2017) from more than 2,500 cities across Brazil, which means almost fifty percent of cities in the country.  


Like St. Jude’s in the USA, patients do not pay for any treatment. 100% free! The hospital is fully operational by donations. All doctors work full time to avoid setting-up private practices and dedicating 100 percent of their time to the hospital.   
Doctors cannot receive money from patients.

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