NYDG certified dermatologists Dr. David Colbert and Dr. Jessica Weiser joined NYDG Foundation Director Stephan Bognar, to review the case files of the 15 students with albinism the foundation supports in northern Rwanda. They’re preparing for the country’s first live tele-dermatology clinic in the coming weeks.

Thank you to our photographer Maggie Andresen for traveling to Rwanda and providing us with your valuable skills in photography to help us launch the tele-dermatology clinic. People with albinism have their lives cut short because of preventable skin cancer. In Tanzania, life expectancy for this community can be as low as 40 years of age. 

Click on our Instagram Account to watch the video from our first tele-term conference:

          NYDG Foundation launches Northern Rwanda's first tele-dermatology clinic.

           During our live tele-dermatology clinic we performed visual skin cancer screenings on our students with albinism.                      

                              NYDG board certified dermatologist Dr. Jessica Weiser joins Stephan Bognar - NYDG
                              Foundation Executive Director, during the telederm. 

                              People with albinism have the highest rates of skin cancer in the world because of a substantial reduction or a
                              complete lack of melanin.

                              NYDG Foundation’s Skin Deep Scholarships support kids with albinism to complete highschool.

                           Skin Deep scholarships include skin cancer prevention kits - hats, scarves, sunglasses and

                          We always try to make our products locally to encourage local employment.