We believe that people with albinism have a life full of color. Join us in the fight to create healthier and more inclusive communities across the globe.

We understand how it feels to be vulnerable and marginalized because of your skin. For over 2 decades, NYDG doctors have helped over 750,000 patients with all types of skin conditions. Skin health is a global public health issue.

The Challenge

People with albinism are vulnerable and marginalized by their own communities because of the color of their skin.

Described as ghosts or magical creatures with special properties that can bring wealth or good luck, they live in a constant state of fear, anxiety and exclusion.

Today, buyers in Africa hire body poachers to cross borders to capture young children and teenagers with albinism to sell their limbs at market rates.


Our Solution

We launched the largest global campaign to celebrate real diversity and to stop a war of ignorance and superstition.

This campaign is about inclusivity and respect for all. It’s about embracing people with albinism with real dignity and provide equal access and opportunities so that children can safely go to school and learn; so mothers can raise their children in safe and secure spaces and for all people with albinism to actively participate in the economy and feel like valued members of the community.

ColorFull Goals

  • Raise awareness of the plight of albinism on a global scale
  • Provide Scholarships & Vocational Training for people with albinism
  • Build Safe Shelters for those in need

How ColorFull is changing lives…

Education: Our Skin Deep Scholarship Fund helps children and youth with albinism in Africa to finish high school and/or go to university to reach their full potential. Education for ALL!

Training: We aim to provide vocational skills to people with albinism to become productive and valued members of their community. We ALL belong!

Awareness: Delivering awareness workshops and humanitarian medical missions so people with albinism can lead safe and healthier lives. Skin Health for ALL!


Learn more about our partnership with Sesame Workshop, to promote the inclusion of children with albinism through powerful messaging and beloved characters.


What happens if nothing changes?

Children as young as 5 will be poached for their limbs and parents will continue to live in a constant state of fear knowing that their children will be killed or excluded or discriminated against in school and the work force.
Persecution, bullying and discrimination will lead to an endless cycle of poverty, violence and exclusion.

We need you to help us end this cycle. Fight for equal rights.
ColorFull Communities for ALL.

To read more about our ColorFull Campaign, check out our PRESS & EVENTS