There is approximately 1 dermatologist for every 2 million African residents, or 600 certified dermatologists for the continent’s 2 billion people.

To add to the problem, more dermatologists prefer to practice in urban areas where there are greater professional and financial opportunities than in Nonurban or rural areas where hundreds of millions of people live in vulnerable situations. This trend is likely to continue if you look at data from industrialized countries.

The demand for dermatologists in Africa clearly outpaces supply, leading to public health crises; skin diseases quickly spread in crowded spaces. Limited accredited dermatology training programs across Africa and the financial burden of studying dermatology pose additional threats. Our Skin Health for All Scholarship for African youth provides research awards and grants to strengthen the capacity of local dermatologists across Africa.


  • Provide opportunities for promising African youth from low income families to study dermatology
  • Prevent skin diseases
  • Prevent public health crises
  • Promote gender equality
  • Increase the number of villages with access to dermatological care

Our Skin Health for All project helps to address the health needs of millions of less privileged, vulnerable and marginalized groups across Africa suffering from treatable skin diseases. It grants African youth access to continuing their education in medicine-an important key to economic and social development. Be Different and Make a Difference. Help us provide scholarships for African youth.

Our 2018 NYDG Foundation scholarship program will be announced in the very near future. Please revisit our website for more information.