University of Oxford
Saïd Business School

On November 19, 2020, Oxford University interviewed supermodel and NYDG Foundation ColorFull Ambassador- Diandra Forrest, NYDG Foundation Executive Stephan Bognar and Scott Cameron, Executive Producer, International Social Impact at Sesame Workshop, to get an insightful look inside NYDG Foundation’s ColorFull campaign on albinism and the inclusive world of Sesame Street.

The webinar highlighted the discrimination that people with albinism face across the globe and how they are often left out of many activist efforts around real diversity and inclusion. The webinar also discussed the launch of the NYDG Foundation and Sesame Workshop ColorFull partnership, which aims to change the way the world sees and treats people with albinism, so we can all live in communities without fear of violence, discrimination and exclusion.


Help fund the ColorFull partnership and create inclusive educational programs, from children videos, teacher training manuals, storybooks, and new characters to reflect children with albinism. Every child has a right to feel safe, to be included and to know that they belong.